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11 September 2003

Go Kart Go, Flying (House Cat)
So they are still out there. Just when you thought the '90s grunge rock copy cats had all gone the way of Candlebox, along comes another. Say hello to San Francisco rockers Go Kart Go. Ever wonder what Kurt Cobain would sound like if he was sort of a blockhead, frat-boy type hanging out with the indie rock kids so he could wear the pants and slip mickeys in the girls' drinks? Yeah, I didn't think so. But that's Go Kart Go singer Eric Anderson for you in a nut shell. Bland lyrics that border on the whiney, with gems like, "I'm ready to bust these lights out / I'm ready to kill the silence / I'm ready to swallow pills / Would you go that far yourself". It's actually too bad, because the rest of the band rocks pretty hard and, with a little vision, could evolve into something resembling interesting. But as long as inane songs like "Public Display of Rejection", a stalker's ode to KALX radio personality Kitty, keep popping up on their records, their career will be over as fast as you can say Silverchair.
      — Mitch Pugh

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