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23 September 2003

Mt. St. Helens, You Are a Ghostly Presence (Divot)
These Chicago-based, psychedalic-tinged punk rockers do a lot of rumbling and spewing, but the eruption you're waiting for (sorry, but it's too easy) never really comes on Ghostly. The vision here is of a sort of post-punk outfit, turning the genre on its head by incorporating some keyboard tinkering and samples, but the Notwist they are not. This is still very much a hard-charging record and very much a record with Midwest cowpunk lyrical sensibilities. Songs like "Texas Jailbreak" offer up some interesting insights but don't really go anywhere. But Quinn Goodwillie's lyrics aren't the culprit that drags Ghostly down to the ranks of mediocrity. The sonic landscape here is incoherent. The keyboards and sampling are a step in the right direction it seems, but for some reason the band couldn't quite go all of the way with it. The aim is proper. The result, however, is a bit off center.
      — Mitch Pugh

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