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11 September 2003

Singapore Sling, The Curse of Singapore Sling (Stinky)
Apparently fixated on the Jesus and Mary Chain, this reverb-saturated Icelandic band faithfully replicates their pre-drum machine, post-feedback sound, while borrowing liberally from Love and Rockets, Spacemen 3, and other like-minded British derivatives of the Velvet Underground: their restrained tempos, infrequent changes, and spare percussion all show an admirable patience, a firm faith in their chosen formula. Singer Henrik Bjornsson's deadpan deliveries of the band's clumsy and endearing attempts to sound badass ("I want to eat you like you're sugarcane / Stir me up and you fry my brain, yeah", he intones on the opener, "Overdriver") are often a lot of fun, and their precise deployment of recycled, retooled rockabilly riffs is suitably menacing, but there's no excuse for their limp cover of the Standells' "Dirty Water". Though the familiarity of their influences makes the album immediately accessible, Singapore Sling never transcends those influences; while The Curse of is diverting and even intermittently satisfying, the band never does anything striking enough to convince us we should be listening to this album in favor of any of its predecessors.
      — Rob Horning

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