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23 September 2003

Tsurubami, Gekkyukekkaichi (Strange Attractors Audio House)
For all intents and purposes, Tsurubami is another Kawabata Makoto offshoot. The man has had numerous collaborations, spin-offs, and side-projects, but undoubtedly the most notable is the experimental Japanese psychedelic freak-out unit, the Acid Mothers Temple. Makoto, founder, guitarist, and leader of the collective (which is known for its tripped spacey improvisations that are in direct homage to the early German experimentalists like Can, Neu, and Amon Düül), finds himself on this project working with drummer Emi Nobuko and Mothers bassist Higashi Hiroshi. With the first track, "Gekkyukekkaichi," running almost 24 minutes and the second and final one almost hitting 37 minutes, Gekkyukekkaichi does not meet its quota for a full-length in terms of song quantity, but, instead, in song length. This album is really for adventurers looking to stretch even farther the cord of post-rock experimentation, as all of the music was improvised and none of it was overdubbed; bass, drums, and guitar work together and create a dramatic, if not heady, version of Cerberus Shoal or Sonic Youth's SYR Series purveying an instrumental landscape with clear roots in the Asian music-art aesthetic.
      — Jeffrey Ellinger

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