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23 September 2003

Wow and Flutter, Names (Jealous Butcher)
Mostly uninspired slow and druggy mood pop. Like a lot of other such recordings, Names attempts to win over the audience by trying to pretend that atmosphere is everything and to hell with the enjoyment. Try to stay awake through the likes of "Careful" and see if you want to ever listen to Wow and Flutter again. Some people really enjoy this kind of thing, but to my ears it comes across as nothing more than indie noodling at its worst. Straddling the line between shoe gazing and artier pop, Name fails on both levels and leaves the listener wondering what the hell just happened, but not caring a whit. Something tells me the same thing will happen to you. "Modern Primitives" sums it all up: boring guitars, slow pacing, and nowhere to go. Wow and Flutter seems to have been inappropriately named. "Dull and Uninspired" seems like the more obvious choice.
      — Jason Thompson

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