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23 September 2003

X27, Your Neu Favorite Band (Narnack)
It's a shame the hipsters have co-opted post-punk music as another arbitrary and nostalgic signifier of cool, like it was some trucker hat or greasy moppet hairstyle, because they have taken a form once rich with an inherently critical politics and vehement intolerance for crass mediocrity and emptied it of all its meaning, so that now its just another commercially viable style, no different than disco. X27 do the style as well as one would expect -- the incisive guitar work is suitably atonal and angular, the drumming repetitious and aggressive, the vocals full of yelps and snarls: the male lead often sounds whiny and terrified, like someone has stolen his Devo records, and the female lead seems to be channeling Juliette Lewis's character in The Other Sister. Their songs are full of random, vaguely ominous quatrains like this one from "The Piston": "I'm not a reptile / I'm stuck in my skin / Oh, hand me a knife baby / So I can begin the end". It sounds cool in the context of their art-noise, but its ultimately meaningless, mere entertainment (and not in the Gang of Four sense, either).
      — Rob Horning

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