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23 October 2003

Fiel Garvie, Leave Me Out of This (Words on Music)
English dreampoppers Fiel Garvie's second album, their first to be released in North America, mines pop music's more ethereal past, creating an adventurous, seductive, enveloping sound that holds you in its thrall for 45 entrancing minutes. On Leave Me Out of This, the Norwich quintet blend the chiming guitar pop of such late '80s/early '90s 4AD acts as the Cocteau Twins and Lush, the stirring, orchestral pop of Phil Spector's great singles, and the hushed, ambient quality of contemporary acts as the Cranes and the Delgados. Not only that, but singer Anna's unique, breathy voice will have many critics falling over themselves comparing her to Björk (although she sounds more like a cross between Emiliana Torrini and Hope Sandoval). But no matter who you may think they're ripping off, this album has more than its share of sublime moments. "I Didn't Say" and "Get a Reason" are perfect examples of airy pop at its most unassuming, while the gorgeous ballad "Reeling As You Come Around Again" will leave your head spinning. Fiel Garvie tread the line between uptempo indie rock and ambient music with skill, and this pretty little album is just the thing for anyone who craves some new, beautiful, late-night music.
      — Adrien Begrand

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