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01 October 2003

Various Artists, Let's Make Love (Sony)
First off, despite what it says on the spine, this isn't really a Marilyn Monroe album; it's actually the soundtrack to the Marilyn Monroe musical in which she sings a few songs. Also, some of the songs are alternate versions and reprises. Given all that, she actually sings four completely different songs. If you're looking for a Marilyn Monroe album, keep looking, especially since I've seen a few in bargain bins. That said, Monroe's screen persona was a bit too cartoonish to be sustained for the length of an entire album (in movies, that's what co-stars are for), so it's sort of nice having her breathy sensuality interspersed between other numbers. Still, the best songs here, "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" and "Specialization", both feature Marilyn. The first is as self-explanatory (and suggestive) as the title would indicate, while the second is a flirty little duet about the allocating of available resources for maximum efficiency. Both are witty, clever, sophisticated, and, like the rest of the songs on the album but slightly less so, utterly forgettable. Like a good cocktail, this album goes down easy and won't leave you with a hangover. In fact, it won't leave you with much of anything.
      — Peter Su

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