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01 October 2003

Watsonville Patio, Faster, Please! (Tequemo)
This is the kind of EP that deserves much respect. Watsonville Patio have a sound that is truly theirs and rock creatively over the course of the five songs on this disc. "Girlfriend" and "Tijuana Internet Chick" are the cream of the crop, but each tune is near-revelatory in its execution. The secret may very well be vocalist Janice Grube, one of those leading ladies that any guy would love to have fronting his band. Grube is a powerhouse behind the mic and brings to the table a freshness that is overdue when it comes to female singers in the indie scene. The rest of the band rocks just as hard behind her. Faster, Please! excels at what great rock and roll should be about: loud guitars, instantly memorable hooks, a great beat, and a singer who makes you want to come back for more. Five songs isn't enough here, but the band has a back catalogue worth investigating. Pick this one up now.
      — Jason Thompson

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