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01 October 2003

Yoshimi and Yuka, Flower With No Color (Ipecac)
What do you get when you take two sonic adventurers -- Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto and Yoshimi P-we of the Boredoms -- and put them together? Some kind of magical forest, apparently. Listening to Flower With No Color is like being set down inside a bizarre-yet-beautiful natural setting. The press materials claim the two climbed a mountain and recorded the album along the way, and that they stopped partway there at a temple where thousands of birds were singing, and recorded that too. I'm not sure if I believe that, but I suppose the album could hold up as evidence in a court, because that's definitely what the disc sounds like. The album sounds like the duo took a bag of percussions instruments and a tiny piano and wandered into a forest filled with colorful mushrooms and friendly animals. It's like a whacked-out, experimental version of a Disney cartoon -- bright and playful, yet weird.
      — Dave Heaton

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