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14 November 2003

Manic Hispanic, Mijo Goes to Jr. College, (BYO)
"We're brown, down, and coming to your town!" So states Manic Hispanic on the front page of their website and the back of their latest album, Mijo Goes to Jr. College. This sounds to me like a threat, and upon listening to the CD, I think I'll take it as one. Manic Hispanic, seven guys from a work release program, have been making music since the early '90s -- purportedly put on stage by their parole officer. Since that time, the band's been touring and doing what they love most: playing classic punk rock songs with a signature, Manic Hispanic twist. On Mijo Goes to Jr. College, look for excellent remakes of punk standards, "Brand New Cadillac", "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker", and "The KKK Took My Baby Away", done as "Brand New Impala", "Creeper Is a Lowrider", and "The I.N.S. Took My Novia Away" respectively. Good, not-quite-family fun to be had by all.
      — Christine Klunk

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