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14 November 2003

Pistol for Ringo, Solid State Neo-Hedonist (Aeronaut)
What's in a name? If you're in one of the billions of bands trying to make it in America today, a lot. When nothing separates you from the rest of the anonymous pack but a clever moniker, you try your hardest to out-clever everyone else. The strain of the effort produces some truly awful handles like Pistol for Ringo. With their naming skills exhausted, all they could come up with for the album title was the random-words-as-pseudo-profundity Solid State Neo-Hedonist. Trying to dig yourself out of a pre-playing hole like this isn't easy, and PFR don't do it. Instead, they offer some moderately enjoyable, well-crafted electro-rock which neither stuns nor appalls. "Nothing Equates to a Saturday" is quite decent, but would it be too much to ask of PFR's titling department to apply the ironic distance in smaller doses?
      — Brian James

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