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14 November 2003

Various Artists, Inside Deep Note: Music of 1970s Adult Cinema (Ost)
Please pardon the pun, butt this compilation is a bit, uh, screwy. There's no way to validate that the selections are from actual '70s porn flicks, as the liner notes consist only of a supposed female X-rated director's 1974 recounting of her life in the biz of gettin' busy. For all we know, the music here could simply be (re)creations by a funky studio band (particularly given the hi-fidelity quality of most "songs"). That said, this album is bootay. Horny horns, thick bass, orgasmic organ, slickety guitar. Heavy on the funk, interspersed with authentically steamy dialogue, this is the soundtrack Boogie Nights shoulda had, with titles such as "I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing", "My Wife, I Think I'll Keep Her", and "Hebrew National Salami" setting the standard. Oh, and the packaging can't be beat: lots of '70s stills of women au natural striking the pose. I mean, you know, if you're into that kind of thing.
      — Matt Rogers

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