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22 December 2003

Greg Weeks, Slightly West (Acuarela)
You wouldn't expect a CD with naked people all over its cover, in Joy of Sex-style illustrations, to be quite as somber as Greg Weeks' Slightly West EP. With organ and guitar played darkly and slowly, and Weeks singing so delicately that at times you strain to understand him, Slightly West offers five songs that epitomize a feeling of drifting through life without knowing where you're headed. "One day some year we'll reappear/and dangle lifelessly as if we're here," he sings at one point, voicing a feeling that runs through every song. One of the many atmospheric and dreamy EPs that the Spanish pop label Acuarela has released in recent years, Slightly West is compelling if you're in the right introspective mood, but it certainly doesn't reach out and pull you into that state of mind.
      — Dave Heaton

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