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22 December 2003

Ilya Poise Is the Greater Architect (Second Nature)
Ilya are a victim of their influences and the inevitability of time. Citing such acts as Portishead, Massive Attack, and My Bloody Valentine as reference points, Ilya don't bring anything new to the table already set by these revolutionary acts. Ilya's debut album, Poise Is the Greater Architect, is an exercise in atmospheric, alternative rock that sounds about 10 years old. Spanning ten tracks, the album moves from each breathy, spacious track to the next, offering perfunctorily executed style, but little in the way of substance. Their impressive one-sheet boasts that Urban Outfitters has chosen Poise Is the Greater Architect for instore play and it's hard not to see why. Harmless, inoffensive and about as edgy as a sponge, Ilya will please the ears without the listener asking too many hard questions. Anyone looking for another trip-hop album to chill out to could do worse than Ilya's debut, but the seasoned listener will want to look elsewhere for inspired art-rock.
      — Kevin Jagernauth

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