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22 December 2003

Manmade God, Manmade God (American)
There's something to be said for straight-ahead rock 'n' roll music. It's already been said . . . many times. Be that as it may, Manmade God's self-titled debut on American Records bristles with aggressive and inspired energy. Frontman Pann channels both Chris Cornell and Our Lady Peace's Raine Maida with his grungy howl, though the band's lyrics parallel OLP's inspirational words of self-discovery more than Soundgarden's. Rick Rubin and Brian Dubbs produced this album, and it's full-to-overflowing with mid-'90s guitar hooks and rhythms courtesy of guitarist Craig Locicero. Manmade God don't tackle any new issues, but really, are there any new issues? The album runs about 45 minutes -- too long, but nonetheless relentlessly rock 'n' roll.
      — Christine Klunk

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