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03 December 2003

The Sick Lipstick, Sting Sting Sting (Tiger Style)
The Sick Lipstick are to no-wave as Melt Banana are to noise-rock: a weird bunch of spazzed-out rockers who put a lost little girl in the middle of the tornado of noise to squeal, squeak, and screech her way through the mess. Sting Sting Sting, Sick Lipstick’s first full-length, tackles no-wave, noise, and effect-ridden rock from all the angles you’ve come to expect. While members of this collective previously explored sound in the likeminded musical outfit Black Cat #13 and are veterans of the no-wave punk scene, Sting Sting Sting is rather bland and elementary as far as noise-punk records usually go. It seems that Sick Lipstick's primary goal is to be annoying when they should focus on writing actual songs.
      — Ryan Potts

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