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03 December 2003

Various Artists, Chill Volume 2 (Abstrakt Reality)
Abstrakt Reality Records, under founder Zimar Manigault, exists to promote underground electronica acts, and it has done so primarily through a series of samplers. The latest compilation from this label, Chill Volume 2 presents 12 new artists on 14 tracks, focused on mellow grooves, especially jazz-influenced downtempo. The record is artfully compiled and sequenced with creative chill-out works. Jun Potaltch opens the disc beautifully with soft vocals and blips on "As Before". Green Glaze stars on this record with the trippy "Super Underground" and the smooth piano and guitar lines on "Essinger". Chill Volume 2, despite its strong individual tracks, works best as an album played from start to finish. That consistency is exactly what you want on a compilation disc, and Abstrakt Reality seems to have figured it out.
      — Justin Cober-Lake

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