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22 December 2003

Zox, Take Me Home (self-released)
If you only looked at the pictures in the liner notes to Zox's debut album Take Me Home, you'd probably think that Zox is just another college-party band, good for a slow weekend night on campus, but not much else. You'd be right. Zox plays a reggae-influenced style of rock that its members describe as "Sublime meets Led Zeppelin meets the Police meets Beethoven". I can agree (almost too easily) with the Sublime reference and, while I can't find any Beethoven on this album, Zox does perform a ridiculous version of Pachelbel's "Canon". Zox, relying on Spencer Swain's violin, produces catchy, inoffensive pop. "Stupid Song" reveals that "All I wanna do / Is write a stupid song / With a three line chorus / You can sing along to". Zox achieves that goal, and it should continue their college-circuit success. To do more than that, though, Zox will have to take some risks on its next album.
      — Justin Cober-Lake

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