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16 January 2004

The Atomiks, Motordeath (Slovenly)
This Reno, Nevada group comes on all cool with pompadours, stand up bass, and other typical trappings of the rockabilly genre. However, they're anything but, and Motordeath is a not quite concept album about cars, cops, and well... death in cars. George Pickard's vocals get annoying at times with his Robert Smith-like moaning, but there are a couple decent tracks here, such as the tasty "Miss World Goodbye" and "Officer 23" with some cool acoustic licks playing in the background. Still, it's nothing to get that excited about, and the whole is it or isn't it a concept idea wears out pretty fast. It could have been an interesting album, but it falls a few feet short of being even just plain good.
      — Jason Thompson

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