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16 January 2004

The Jolenes, Rinse and Repeat (Last Chance)
The Jolenes take their name from the Dolly Parton-cum-White Stripes tune, but the bubbly infectious pop is what sets this album apart from the rest. Brimming with slight country touches on the jangle-ridden "Shampoo", the trio of lead singer Katy Sanford, bassist Christina Wolfe and drummer Candy Blystone are a throwback to the Go-Gos and The Bangles. Whether it's the sweet harmonies or the overall great pop vibes, tracks such as "Princess Coffee Castle" fly off the record with relative ease despite having a dirty garage punk sound as does the grin-inducing surf-rockesque "Spare Tire Liar". Unfortunately, that same momentum drops somewhat with an average Sleater-Kinney lite "Kelly's Got a Stalker". But "What You Want" atones for the slight misstep. The great thing about this album is its primal yet sweet alluring sound. "Double Dare" is a straightforward country-rock ditty that has enough kick to keep going, despite some twists and turns. "Marvin Lee" has a Blondie sound to it with the fills from Blystone carrying the tune. The feel good rock though is what makes this album so bright and cheerful, including the ballsy (ovariesy?) "Marvin Lee" and "Accident". To use one of the song titles, this album begins with a "Bang" and ends with a "Bang"! And a cover of Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" to boot! Holy Shazam!!!
      — Jason MacNeil

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