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06 January 2004

Sevenout, Back from Reality (Orbital Recordings)
Sevenout is one of the latest acts to attempt to add value to the British-invasion pop movement. In this instance, value is measured by a band's ability to be more than just a good cover band. Sevenout's debut album, Back from Reality, contains some unique ideas, so there's value upfront. The music comes with all the drive and catchiness of the 60s, but it finds itself lacking in a couple of areas. While Sevenout is not a cover band, because all their songs are originals, the influences behind those songs are over-represented. There are too many early Beatles references that keep popping up that seem to restrict some of the originality. The balance between instruments (overpowering) and vocals (under projected) is completely off. While this can partially be fixed in the studio, one gets a niggling feeling that maybe the vocals just aren't strong enough to lead. The CD has definite appeal for those really into the sound of Brit-pop, but doesn't give much for anyone.
      — Alison Wong

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