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06 January 2004

Tarantula Hawk, Tarantula Hawk (Neurot)
Comprised of analog keyboards, synthesizers, and samplers, along with the dark and dense tones of fuzz bass, Tarantula Hawk merge the aural worlds of ambient, prog rock, and space-rock into a sinister and haunting blend of sound. Tarantula Hawk occasionally meanders into heavier metal territory, but the collective always return to their epic prog hypnosis. This self-titled album, comprised of five untitled tracks, prescribes its sound in the relatively short time span of three to seven minutes - for the first four songs, at least. The fifth and final opus pushes past the half hour point as Tarantula Hawk's spaced-out synths shift from crescendo to building crescendo before a thick drone of feedback overrides the album and settles it into a close. This inaccessible space-prog outfit is indeed ambitious, but it will take multiple times for the listener to decipher why they should even care.
      — Ryan Potts

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