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08 February 2004

The Adventures of Jet, Muscle (Suburban Home)
Following up to the pop-new wave debut that was Part 3: Coping With Insignificance, this Dallas trio begins the album with "Number One", a tune that makes you want to run both for your Gary Numan and Weezer collections. With a synth sound backing hard guitar riffs that sneak up on you, the trio of singer Hop Litzwire, guitarist Tony Jannotta and drummer Rob Avsharian start things off on an interesting instrumental-oriented track. "Run Charger" has a poppy, emo-core feeling to it with the electronic ivories constantly being tickled. It also possesses a softer Beatles-pop quality embedded in it. A lot of songs follow a basic format, but "One Last Kiss" might be the most accessible here. Litzwire's vocals have that sugary, sweet feeling a la Wondermints and Velvet Crush/Matthew Sweet vibe in them, making "Orchids" and the crunchy "Drag" soar. "Emily Mazurinsky" is another watershed moment that fuses both guitar and keys perfectly. "Fairlane" is mediocre at best though. The homestretch opens with a fine "Flaming Ghost", another ditty that is car-oriented. The Adventures of Jet are onto something. If the Strokes were void of primacy and heavy on summer melodies, you might get a good sense of this group.
      — Jason MacNeil

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