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25 February 2004

Amy Blaschke, Amy Blaschke (Luckyhorse Industries)
The sophomore album from this Seattle based singer-songwriter is nine songs of yearning, somberness, melancholy and weariness. And it's not bad to boot! "Estranged" sounds like an urbane Lucinda Williams as drummer Erin Tate and bassist James Bertram rounds out the track. Singing against her harmonies, the song seems classic and yet has a breath of fresh air to it. Folk-ish but not to its detriment, Blaschke brings Jane Siberry to mind with its ethereal yet quirky conclusion. "Skating At Night" has a sparser feel as she plays off her acoustic guitar. It's a glimpse of the beauty in her voice, although it is rather a narrow one at that occasionally. "Poor Old Man" harks back to an early version of the late Elliott Smith. "Foreigner" has a stop and start method to it, but seems to end blandly. When Blaschke opts for more of a country-like flair, she seems to sound far more sincere, particularly on the gorgeous "Sweet Song", a track that seems ideal for The Be Good Tanyas or a solo effort from Delores O'Riordan (now O'Riordan Burton) of The Cranberries. The album also has its softer sadder moments on tunes such as "You Insist" and the finale "Avalanche". If you were to picture Cat Power winning a few dollars off a scratch lottery ticket, you might get an idea of where this strong talent lies.
      — Jason MacNeil

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