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25 February 2004

Brandston/Camber/Seven Storey (Deep Elm)
Facing off with tear-stained diaries under their arms, Deep Elm presents a three-way split EP between Brandston, Camber and Seven Storey, a dozen boys with broken hearts and a story to tell. Like most of the Deep Elm roster, each of these bands employ edgy if somewhat plain guitars and deep voiced vocals. As each of these singers have a similar voice, it wouldn't particularly matter which band they were in, as each cover similar lyrical territory with nauseating literalness. The music is just as interchangeable. This does a particular disservice to the EP, as instead of highlighting each band, it only shows how dull and indistinct they really are. Only on a couple of tracks do things get mildly interesting. On "Goodbye Mr. Spaulding", Camber offer an acoustic led number that brings to mind the mellower work of Sunny Day Real Estate and on "New Day" Seven Storey turn up the tempo with an urgency similar to that of the Foo Fighters. However, this is largely a dull affair, and will hardly possess anyone who is not already a fan of these band's works to pick it up.
      — Kevin Jagernauth

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