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25 February 2004

Drool Brothers, Kasio Montigo (Barfing Glitter)
If you're in need of a dose of willful weirdness, look no further than Los Angeles-based oddballs the Drool Brothers. Coming on like Mike Patton circa Mr. Bungle's California after a handful of happy pills, lead Drool Brother Chuck Mancillas tosses pop, soul, surf, garage and any other style than can't outrun him into the ol' musical blender and comes out with... well, it's hard to say what the final product is. But the Brothers -- Mancillas, his real brother, Tom Slik and buddy Joe Kramer - make a joyful noise on their sophomore disc, Kasio Montigo. Whether it's the lost blaxploitation theme "Le Funky Sweat", the faux-Zappa Grand Wazoo-era weirdo jazz of "No (the Fraction)", or the Nails' "88 Lines About 44 Women"-invoking "Gals", the Brothers know a good time when they hear it. Two caveats, though: A) "Itchy Turtleneck" and "Dr. Miyamoto" are a little too novelty-rock to merit repeated listens; and B) the album -- 14 tracks over 59 minutes -- is too damn long. Adventurous weird-pop fans with long attention spans (or at least a skip button on their CD player) would do well to seek out Kasio Montigo.
      — Stephen Haag

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