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25 February 2004

FCS North, Vocabulary (Luckyhorse)
Boring, quasi-jazz album that goes absolutely nowhere. FCS North seem to have some talent lurking about, but why they didn't focus on it and make a good album is anyone's guess. The first track here, "Skit", is nothing more but 55 seconds of the band getting ready to play. When they finally get around to doing that on "Prince", you wish they hadn't as cheeseball synths wrap around lounge vibes for eight minutes. If you don't like that, then dig the variation on the same theme known as "11:11". And they the hell are those awful vocals scattered about these songs? Was it done in an attempt to make the tracks even worse? Occasionally, other grating elements like scratching will enter the mix ("Things Will Change") making Vocabulary even more of a head scratcher. The whole thing is hardly worth the band's effort or your time.
      — Jason Thompson

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