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08 February 2004

Girls Are Short, Earlynorthamerican (Upper Class)
Claiming that their record collections -- instead of current musical trends -- influence their sound, Girls Are Short seem to have been listening to a lot of the Teenbeat catalogue. Sounding like a glitched-out Unrest fused with the pop sensibility of the Notwist, Earlynorthamerican is a shimmery pop album that isn't quite sure if it's ironic or earnest. "Pinacolada", "Sunshine", and the title track waver between a reinvention of synth pop or a kitschy duplication. It's this uncertainty that takes away much of the fun that could be had on Earlynorthamerican. Tracks such as "Exdegenerate", "Osaka", and "Ah Ah Hip Hop" hint at some truly inventive glitch-pop beneath the smirking veneer. Earlynorthamerican is a mixed bag, an album that wants to be more than the sum of its parts, but whose smart ass, wink-wink attitude is ultimately its downfall.
      — Kevin Jagernauth

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