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25 February 2004

The Holy Ghost, Get Your Funeral Shoes (Clearly)
Hailing from Brooklyn -- and wearing it on their sleeves like a military badge -- the Holy Ghost offer up yet another New York dose of rock 'n' roll revivalism that is neither fresh nor particularly interesting. Get Your Funeral Shoes, a six-song EP that acts as a teaser for their full length which will be released later this year, has the requisite shimmery, trashy guitars and vocals slurred with a devil-may-care attitude. The boys definitely have the chops, as opening cut "Ghettobird", an energetic rave-up whose introduction brings to mind Jimi Hendrix's "Crosstown Traffic", rightly proves. "Seein' Is Believin' (It's Allright)" and "Clarice and the Schoolboy" are also footstompin', headbangin' numbers with the latter containing some rather clever guitar work. Unfortunately, the energy comes at a lack of innovation. There is nothing here that garage rock bands didn't already do in the '60s and the Holy Ghost lack the personality to bring a unique perspective to the material. Get Your Funeral Shoes is an honest, if ultimately lackluster effort.
      — Kevin Jagernauth

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