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25 February 2004

Monday in London, The Red Machine (Indianola)
This record contains some Britpop influences as the press kit suggests, but on the emo-opening/nu metal punk of "Smart Bomb", you'd be hard pressed to find it. Opting for a minimal alternative rock arrangement, lead singer Tanner Cardwell comes off a bit like the latest "buzz" act Billy Talent. Or Faith No More V. 2.0. And for the rest of the record, the weaving between rock and agro-punk touches is quite audible. "The New You" sounds extremely aged and dated given the plethora of "emo/nu" punk that is out there. The only saving grace is the rhythm section of drummer Robbie Adkins and bassist John Brehm. "A Good Friend, A Worse Enemy" features Cardwell's annoying wails. There are a few decent moments such as the wordy-titled "The Queen, The Meek and Their Disease" and "Acting Surgeon", a slow building Cure-like opening setting the groundwork for this instrumental. Generally though, there isn't much to get excited about for bland ditties such as "Lie to Me Baby". There aren't enough hooks or general oomph to communicate what Monday in London is trying to communicate. This is a rather insipid bit of music from a band that should be delivering much better material, if "Long Live the Traitor" is any indication.
      — Jason MacNeil

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