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08 February 2004

The Paperbacks, An Episode of Sparrows (Pshaw!)
Winnipeg, Canada's The Paperbacks have delivered an album here that's undoubtedly good for listening to on a cold winter day, but it still didn't manage to keep my attention for long. The songs are winsome, the melodies well-crafted, but the whole damn thing plods along for far too long. There are moments when it feels like An Episode of Sparrows will really take off, such as on "If I Make It Through This Winter", but these are few and far between. Instead, you have to muddle through such ditties as "I Suffer This Like a Dream" and "My Landscape Is Not Land". Ooh, how deep. Not at all really, and suffering is one good way of putting how I felt while being dragged through this disc. Give it a pass and find something better to do with your grey days.
      — Jason Thompson

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