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08 February 2004

Radio Berlin, Glass (Action Driver)
With so many new bands lining up the comparative influences from the Joy Divisions and Echo and The Bunnymen of the world, it might be disheartening to add another. But while Vancouver BC quartet Radio Berlin also swims in those waters, albeit maybe doggie paddling with their faux British accents; the stylizing effort isn't in your face with the similarities and it feels less forced for that. At any rate, Radio Berlin's Glass leans far more industrial than many other comparable bands, though never losing its sense of melody in the dark atmospherics and agro. With touches of eighties synth pop spiked with punk ("Rote Lippen" and "D.E.S" most specifically), the music is often exciting though also capable of lagging -- the hybrid potentially a tremendous thing to absorb live, but one that doesn't always impress on record either. There is little here in fact to really wow you, but having said that there is also very little wrong with this release... all in all really nothing more or less than an intriguing release from an ever improving band.

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