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08 February 2004

Stigmato, Inc., Reality Check (Utensil)
From Barcelona comes the latest entry in 2003's crowded field of Latin-electronica acts. Stigmato, Inc. have less in common with fellow upstarts like Sidestepper and the Latin Project than they do with old-school Latin househeads like Ian Pooley and Masters at Work; tracks like "Strive to Be Happy" and "La Maison de la Trompette" have those jazzy, sunburned grooves that practically scream Ibiza circa 1997. Apart from the dreamy, dubby title track, there's nothing especially original here, but most of it works anyway. Credit the scorching solos of guest trumpeter Matthew Simon and the vocals of American-born Danna Leese, who has one of those Lisa Shaw/Tracey Thorn soulful altos that can make the most cookie-cutter deep house track (i.e. "Just For You") sound profound.
      — Andy Hermann

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