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23 March 2004

The A.K.A.s, White Doves & Smoking Guns (Fueled By Ramen)
The A.K.A.s are often pigeonholed as an American version of the (International) Noise Conspiracy... and rightfully so. White Doves & Smoking Guns does such a good job aping the Noise Conspiracy, though, that they come off as near plagiaristic; they have the same socialistic agenda, the same danceable drumbeats, the same garage-riddled guitars, and the same sassy vocal shouts. However, this brash, politically-charged outfit also resurrects the energy of garage greats the MC5 with skittering punk rock guitars coupled with snotty vocals and a Hammond organ pulsing in the background. White Doves & Smoking Guns rarely varies its garage-riddled attack, but, for now, the stagnation and the miming of their Swedish precedents is enough for an entertaining album, if just barely.
      — Ryan Potts

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