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29 March 2004

Curl Up and Die, ...But the Past Ain't Through With Us (Revelation)
Using the opening monologue from Paul Thomas Anderson's film Magnolia as a reference point, Curl Up And Die released two EPs last year, one on Status Records (We May Be Through With the Past...) and the follow-up ....But the Past Ain't Through With Us on their home label, Revelation Records. Curl Up and Die play an energetic, if somewhat predictable brand of frenzied tech-metal that brings to mind much better acts such as the Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge. Thus it comes as no surprise that Converge guitarist, Kurt Ballou serves as the engineer on this four-song, 20-minute EP that is all style and no substance. ...BTPATWU finds Curl Up And Die attempting to expand their sonic palette with mixed results. Opening track "Nuclear Waste? Bring That Shit. (We Want a State Full of Radiated Super Heroes)" finds the band mimicking the epic rock of Neurosis and Isis without any of the emotional impact. Similarly, closing track "God Is in Heaven. All Is Right With the World", is a bloated 14-minute track, bookended by painfully boring attempts at "atmosphere". The band succeeds when dishing out frenzied three minute metal songs. Their attempts to redefine and reimagine their sound is admirable, but they have yet to find the right balance of ingredients to truly make it a compelling listen. ...But the Past Ain't Through With Us is strictly a fan-only affair.
      — Kevin Jagernauth

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