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29 March 2004

David Murray Latin Big Band, Now Is Another Time (Justin Time)
David Murray is a whirlwind. The 49-year-old jazz saxophonist is beyond prolific, having put out at least 68 albums over a career that has yet to reach the three decade mark. As might be surmised with such a mighty output, the quality varies. One can usually hear the talent and ability of this tenor man on any release; it's the (over) production that can make the ears suffer. On this recent effort, however, only joy is to be had. The David Murray Latin Big Band swings, improvs and slow steps with an unrelenting, ferocious force, each instrument's contribution always clearly stated, perfect. The horns are always superb, arranged in a manner that is complex and challenging. There is constant dialogue, yet none talk over each other. The many bits of percussion, particularly the fine conga work, push between structure and improv. Then there is David Murray, always leading, his tone thick, his tempo often embodying the whirlw! ind he is, reminiscent of inspirations Coleman and Dolphy. If you have yet to hear what this man can do, this is a must have. And if you already know, but for some reason slept on this, now is indeed the time.
      — Matt Rogers

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