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10 March 2004

Elliott the Letter Ostrich, Motocross Be Thy Name (Asaurus)
What to make of an album that looks like an old Nintendo or Atari video game cartridge and whose opening song contains just as much zaps, bams and bleeps? Opening with "...Because Nintemper Is My Word", this group sounds like Terry Jacks ("Seasons In The Sun") on a sugar high. But it works! The techno-folk pop resembles the Buggles more often than not, particularly on "We Do All We Can, The Best We Can, And Await The Results". Backed by casios and acoustic guitars, the album is often a hit and miss, with "Tanooki Power Up and The Responsibility That Follows" being a definite miss. Fans of Laptop would appreciate a lot of the tunes however. The press mentions a passing reference to Buddy Holly, but a couple of "uh-uh-oh-oh"s did not Buddy Holly make! A softer and bland "Farewell To The Astro-Dome" ensues with mediocre results but "8 Bit Commitment -- 32 Bit Break-Up" comes off far better. Perhaps the highlight is the quirky little tune "Casio Republic", a quasi-dance number that, you guessed it, has a casio leading the way. But for the most part, odd yet catchy pop is the musical soup du jour, especially on "Justin Bailey: The Man, The Myth, The Metroid Code" and "I Want To Love You, But I'm Too Busy Fighting These Nebulous Bees".
      — Jason MacNeil

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