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17 March 2004

The Emergency, How Can You Move? (You Guys on a Label)
Taking their influences from The Who to Husker Du, this three piece West Virginia group start off with meaty riffs and pop smarts on "Church Of The Chix Denomination" and the head-swiveling, summery "Morning Announcements". Lead singer Rob Wehrle sounds like a cross between Daltrey and Mould, but slows things down for the melodic Big Star-ish, radio dial-tuning or channel surfing "All Over Town". What can be taken from the entire album is the fresh and fun approach they bring to each lovely little ditty, including the thumping "Under The Weather" which could be eerily mistaken for Guided By Voices. And more impressively, they seem to get stronger with each song like the gorgeous "Wedding March" and "Breakdown A Go-Go" which resembles GBV's "My Valuable Hunting Knife" in some respects. The middle portion gets more into a singer-songwriter format a la Ben Folds during "Cracked Up". Thankfully the guitars return with the fist-pumping "Stop Sign" and the sugar-coated pleasing "Girljacketdrunk". Definitely something to seek out if you're a fan of any of the above-mentioned bands. Yippee!
      — Jason MacNeil

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