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23 March 2004

Hella, Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass (Narnack)
More insane music from this Sacramento, CA, two-piece, which is always a good thing. On their latest seven-song EP, Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass, Hella are as schizophrenic as ever as the duo's four hands defy the point of being human with instruments played at light speed, drums pounding to rhythms calculators could not figure out, and guitar lines that sound more like electrical wires short circuiting than any kind of typical chord progression. It's no surprise, then, that Zach and Spencer -- the names behind the musical madness that is Hella -- have been playing together since the adolescent age of 16. The duo play in perfect cohesion with music so jittery and A.D.D.-addled that it at once boggles the mind and moves the feet.
      — Ryan Potts

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