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29 March 2004

JamisonParker, Notes & Photographs EP (Interscope)
JamisonParker is an acoustic duo comprised of Jamison Covington and Parker Case. The pair have been making some headway in punk and "emo" circles for their brand of music, led by the song "Home" which was downloaded quite a lot on an MP3 web site. So, going with what got them this far, this five-song EP kicks off with that tune, and it's a goodie. A galloping acoustic track that moves into a tight Replacements fold, the track sparkles from the get go. And they are very smart about it, keeping it nearly airtight throughout. It's that same energy that is the gorgeous thread of the effort, with "Dead to the World" having less rock and more punk it in a la Simple Plan mixed with Goo Goo Dolls. Just as stellar is the Cure-like sound seeping from "Your Song". After a rather mundane mid-tempo pop ditty "Biting Bullets", the record wraps with the infectious acoustic driven punk of "Dear Everybody". This is a pleasant debut with a full-length record expected this spring.
      — Jason MacNeil

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