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10 March 2004

The K Word, EP (Liquilab)
Four songs by this now-defunct Roanoke, Virginia group is too much to say the least. Yet another emo/post punk band with a lot of wailing and not much out coming out of their mouths (or instruments). "Mystic Cowboy" and "Market Eight" dish out the expected high energy abstract noodling that goes nowhere and creates its own vacuum. Then there's "Grindin' on Some Flava" and "Bleep Bleep" that repeat the process all over again. One listen to this disc and you can understand why the band broke up; zero original ideas and they just aren't any good. Amazingly, they were together for three years nonetheless. Stranger things have happened, but that doesn't mean you should bother yourself with listening to this mess.
      — Jason Thompson

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