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10 March 2004

Lo-Pro, Lo-Pro (Geffen/413)
Featuring former members of Ultraspank, Godsmack, and Snot, produced by Don Gilmore, and signed by Staind's Aaron Lewis to Geffen's 413 imprint, Lo-Pro -- and their self-titled album -- are your average nu-metal fan's wet dream. Chock full of thick, chunky guitars and some strangely uplifting melodies, Lo-Pro is a polished affair from start to finish, with some songs that could easily find mainstream success. The atmospheric, powerful standout track "Not Me" is one such tune, which could quite easily become the soundtrack to many a teenager's life. The bleak lyrics on "Sunday" and "Reach" mean the songs are suitably downcast in mood, and while there's plenty of angst in tracks like "Walk Away", there's an almost positive vibe to the melodies at times, no doubt aided by Gilmore's trained ear for a hook. Lo-Pro are certainly nothing new, but they do check all the right nu-metal boxes. Whether or not they have arrived too late to a rather stale scene to make enough of an impact remains to be seen.
      — Andrew Ellis

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