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10 March 2004

The Luxury Liners, Overbored (Litterbug)
Rule #27: Never give your album a title that can come back and bite you in the ass. The Luxury Liners' Overbored is precisely just that -- overly boring. Who cares if there are decent melodies and the occasionally catchy song here ("Sunshine") when the majority of this album is watered down pop? The likes of "Dreaming" and "Waiting for the Sun" will have you reaching for your air sickness bags in no time as they're guaranteed to make you want to gag. Pop rock this wuss-like shouldn't be allowed to be made any more. I thought we were over all this when the '80s finally ended, but I guess not. Might make a good gift for someone you really don't care for, however.
      — Jason Thompson

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