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17 March 2004

Mammal, Double Nature (SNSE)
Mammal, the power-noise musical moniker of Gary Beauvais, and his most recent release, Double Nature, is like Metal Machine Music's 21st century counterpart. Spending the majority of its four longwinded tracks propelling as much static fuzz and white noise through your speakers as your stereo can manage, Double Nature is not so much test of musical ability as it is a test of endurance for the listener. Occasionally beats rise up in the mix in an attempt to divert your ears from something other than the relentless feedback-damaged noise only to drown in the mix and get lost in the static. According to Double Nature's press release, the album was turned down by three mastering engineers for fear of irreparable damage being done to their equipment -- and its easy to hear why. Mammal may be less obtuse than Hair Police, less beat-oriented than Wolf Eyes, and less noisy than Merzbow, but if those names excite more than scare, Double Nature will most definitely fit snuggly into your music collection.
      — Ryan Potts

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