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23 March 2004

Placer, Summer (Dopamine)
Another big, boring album by a faceless group known as Placer. All the songs here drag on in a puddle of mediocrity that one wonders why the band even bothered. What audience was this recorded for, anyway? The one that left such mind-numbing plod-rock behind in the early '90s? Perhaps. There's nothing redeeming here at all. If you've heard "What's Left", then you've heard the rest of the album without even having to play it. "The Drag" seems to sum up the feeling of this lost cause of an album perfectly. No one should have to be expected to listen to an album this bad and boring more than once. For us reviewers it's a different story, but man, those multiple searches to find one good thing about this disc will live on in my nightmares.
      — Jason Thompson

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