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17 March 2004

Waterproof Blonde, Glitter Lust (Label X)
Yep, this is the band that wrote the theme for WWF (or is that WWE now, or simply "WW"?) wrestler Sean O'Haire. That tune, "Come On", is here, as are five other tunes of mixed quality. "Supermodel Craving" is the best thing here, with lead singer Rachel Hagan's voice going into full-tilt overdrive and the rest of the band following in a rocked-out fashion. The band should stick to rocking out, though; the slower fare -- "Ruthless" and "How Long?" -- are simply boring. Nice, but boring. Still, one supposes that the wrestling tie-in will at least keep the band in the public's ears for as long as interest waxes for Sean O'Haire. Who is he, anyway?
      — Jason Thompson

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