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28 April 2004

The Evaporators, Ripple Rock (Alternative Tentacles)
Vancouver institution Nardwuar the Human Serviette has been entertaining Canadians since the early '90s; his celebrity interviews (ranging from such subjects as Mikhail Gorbachev to Kurt Cobain) are uproarious combinations of performance art and social commentary, and his band, The Evaporators, had been one of Canada's most underrated garage punk bands in recent years. I say "had been", because it looks like Canadian indie rock fans have caught on to The Evaporators in a big way, as their new album Ripple Rock recently topped the national college radio charts for a month. For good reason, too; the album is a charming, catchy, and endlessly silly collection of tunes, whose range of subjects reflect the mad genius of Nardwuar himself. He's either singing the praises of cheese ("Chunks of cheddar make me feel better/Slabs of brie set me free!"), his weight problem ("I Feel Like a Fat Frustrated Fuck"), Canadian history ("Ripple Rock", "Gerda Munsinger"), covering old Canadian punk bands like The Pointed Sticks and The Hot Nasties, or reeling off sophomoric novelty songs ("I've Got Icicles on my Testicles"). Plus, how can you not like a guy who sings a loving tribute to his website's message board ("Nard Nest")? If that weren't enough, the CD comes with loads of multimedia features, including videos, download links, and best of all, classic Nardwuar interviews, including Gorbachev, Dan Quayle, and Jello Biafra. You won't find a new album that's more fun than this one. Doo doodle-oo doo!
      — Adrien Begrand

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