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28 April 2004

The Legends, There and Back Again (Labrador)
The Legends sound like they could have been among those bands discovered in Liverpool in the wake of The Beatles. The band, which formed in Sweden in January 2003, has the bright optimistic sound that characterized the Mersey bands, though their punchy, guitar-pop has been run through a more contemporary and edgier filter. Its four-song EP (really an extended CD single) There and Back Again sounds like the kind of music a band like the Dave Clark Five might have made (listen to "Thanks for Nothing" and "Wish Me Gone", with their hand claps and accelerated rhythms) had they listened to bands like Jesus and Mary Chain or the Cure. There is a musical edge here in the fuzzy production and snaking guitar lines that was absent from the Mersey bands, but that does not undercut the pop textures of these songs. Given the rather limited success that most of the Mersey bands ultimately had, it'll be interesting to see if the Legends can build something from this very listenable, but ultimately limited sound.
      — Hank Kalet

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