Best Music Scribing Awards 2009

By Jason Gross

28 January 2010

Covering the media now is like working in the obits section of a small town paper. Still, Gross finds plenty of music-related highlights for the eighth annual edition of his best music writing picks, sans PopMatters.
Super Scribing 2009

Gold medal: the best writing of the year.

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Superior Scribing 2009

Silver medal: excellent pieces of writing.

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Quality Scribing 2009

Bronze medal: great story ideas, well executed.

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Bottom of the Barrel 2009

Confiscate their laptops: the worst writing of the year.

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Other Arts 2009

Fine writing outside of music but still bearing on music.

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//Mixed media

The Eye of Lenzi: "Gang War in Milan" and "Spasmo"

// Short Ends and Leader

"Two wide and handsome Italian thrillers of the 1970s.

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